About Me

Thank you for visiting my website!Humanitarian Consulting

As a Technical Advisor / Consultant, I help organizations deploy new technologies, information systems, and ways of working worldwide to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and growth.

As a certified Project Manager, I help clients to reach specific KPI’s and program goals in the international development, humanitarian and private sectors.

My areas of specialty are: Business Applications (ERP, SCM, CRM) deployment and use, Project Management, Vendor / Partner and Contract Management, Data Management, Health & Humanitarian Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Logistics (particularly in the East Africa region).

You can read more about my specific business and technical specialties on my Services page

As a Career Change Advisor, I help my clients create the life they want by finding the right new role, at home or abroad.  You can read more about my coaching program on my Services Page

I have lived and worked in six countries, and have also resided in several locations throughout the United States.  I am passionate about travel and living abroad – and love to bring my experiences to the people in my life through writing and creative photography.     

Finally, my passion for humanitarian work led me to work for two international non-government organizations (INGOs) and private social enterprises in several locations across the world. I continue to volunteer with grassroots organizations who focus on getting critical supplies to those that need it most, when they need it.   

My professional writing can be found on the Know Your World Content Page.  The KYW Founders Blog and Photo Gallery are a personal account of my experience as a traveler and expatriate.

For more information on how we can work together, please reach out to me through my Contact Page.